Top 5… TV Shows of 2015

2015 looks set to be phenomenal for fans of TV. Fan-favourite hits are returning throughout the year for new seasons whilst new programmes are set to premiere in the hope of becoming the next big thing.

  1. The Odd Couple (Starts February 19th 2015)

A curveball for the Top 5 of 2015, this comedy series based on a 1960s play and film along with a 1970s television series has the potential to be the comedy hit of the year. Matthew Perry (Friends) has had a string of television series since the comedy juggernaut that made him a household name, ranging from the excellent Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip back in 2006 to the less-well received Go On in 2013. None of these shows were commissioned to a second season, but The Odd Couple could be just the show Perry needs. He is set to play Oscar Madison, a slovenly character, whilst Thomas Lennon shall play Felix Unger, a neat-freak. The two are forced into living together after they both become divorcees. Perry and Lennon have worked together before in 2009 film 17 Again, and in the limited screen time they shared there seemed to be good chemistry between the two. If that chemistry can work well for this series, Perry and Lennon may be on to a winner.

  1. Untitled Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger Production (Unknown)

HBO have commissioned a new rock and roll drama, likely to debut some time in 2015, which is being produced by legendary director Martin Scorsese alongside legendary rock ‘n’ roll artist Mick Jagger. As well as this duo, Terence Winter, best known for being a writer on The Sopranos and showrunner on Boardwalk Empire, has been brought in to write the pilot script. The drama, which was created by Jagger, is set in the late 70s and will follow a drug-addled record executive as he tries to find a new sound, whilst the music industry changes to rock, disco and hip-hop. With the star-power of the names attached to this project, along with the fact that HBO is the network carrying it, hopes are high that this series can live up to its potential and deliver the goods.

  1. Game of Thrones (Returns Spring 2015)

HBO’s fantasy juggernaut, strictly for adult audiences, is set to return for its fifth season in spring later this year. The ongoing battle for the Iron Throne of the fictional continent Westeros has enthralled viewers with its scheming characters and unexpected plot twists, and viewers can expect Season 5 to continue in the same manner, along with plenty of the show’s now trademark violence and sexually explicit scenes to boot. The fates of many characters remain unknown (unless you have read the books), amongst them Tyrion Lannister, who is on the run from the capital King’s Landing, and Arya Stark, last seen on a ship bound for Braavos in the Season 4 finale’s closing scene. With a sixth season already commissioned, there is currently no end in sight for HBO’s flagship show.

  1. House of Cards (Returns February 27th 2015)

Netflix-exclusive House of Cards is set to return with its entire 13 episode third season available to watch at the end of February. The Emmy Award winning show, starring Kevin Spacey as manipulative U.S. politician Francis Underwood and Robin Wright as his co-conspirator and wife Claire Underwood, has been a hit since it first aired on Netflix in 2013. Noted for its uniquely dark look at the world of American politics and its habit of breaking the fourth wall (Spacey frequently talks directly to the audience), the political thriller is a wonderfully acted and superbly directed affair that doesn’t pull punches with its plot twists. This latest season will see Francis and Claire attempt to deal with various threats to Francis’ Presidency, but beyond that details for the series are scarce.

  1. True Detective (Returns Summer 2015)

Undeniably one of the biggest hits of 2014, the first season of True Detective featured an absorbing story that followed two detectives (masterfully portrayed by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey) in both 1995 and 2012 as they carried out the investigation into the murder of a girl. As one of a handful of new series to follow an anthology format, the Season One storyline stands on its own with no loose ends to tie up, meaning that the second season will only feature similar themes to the first season, but with a new cast, setting and investigation. This time around the main cast has been expanded to four roles; three detectives as opposed to the first season’s two, and the series’ villain. Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch will play California Highway Patrol Officers Ray Velcoro and Paul Woodrugh respectively, with Rachel McAdams playing the series’ first female lead protagonist, Sheriff Ani Bezzirades. Vince Vaughn, perhaps a surprising choice considering his past playing mostly comedic roles, will play career criminal Frank Semyon. True Detective is not set to return until the summer, but details will slowly emerge as and when HBO chooses to release them, and fans will be eagerly awaiting every detail.



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