The Top 5… Superbowl XLIX Trailers

Last weekend Superbowl XLIX gripped American and international audiences alike. As always, it was the commercial breaks that held the attention of movie-goers, with new trailer spots for some of this year’s most anticipated movies. Here’s the best of the bunch:

  1. Tomorrowland

The best word to describe Walt Disney Pictures’ latest adventure, Tomorrowland, is ‘mysterious’. This is apt, as its screenplay has been co-written by Lost writer Damon Lindelof and Tomorrowland director Brad Bird. The trailer shows us Casey (Britt Robertson), who along with Frank (George Clooney), is transported to Tomorrowland, a mystical and magical place in which the imagination soars. Potentially, the scope of this film could be huge – the trailer suggests that this will be the case with astronauts and trains flying around a glistening city. Hopefully the substance will be there with the style – if so, Disney could be onto yet another winner.

  1. Ted 2

The first Ted 2 trailer hit last week and hot off its heels the Superbowl trailer showed John (Mark Wahlberg) and Ted (Seth MacFarlane) getting into yet another cringy yet funny situation involving star NFL player Tom Brady. Without going into too many details, this time round Ted and his new wife want a baby, but can’t conceive. Instead of going to a sperm donor, John and Ted break into Tom Brady’s house to try and get him to ‘donate’. And thus the tone of the film is set. Teenagers will find this one hilarious.

  1. Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys has garnered a lot of controversy since plot details emerged involving time-travel that will change the events of the first film. Whether or not this is a smart move for the franchise cannot be fully decided until the film hits this summer, but for now the Superbowl trailer shall have to do. This one showed more of the bridge-set action sequence than the first trailer, as well as a further look at the antagonist of the film, the T-1000. Genisys is certainly looking exciting and action-packed from the trailer spot, but whether or not the story will be strong enough remains to be seen. This is an interesting one to keep an eye on.

  1. Furious 7

The latest in the petrol-fuelled, adrenaline-pumping action franchise, Furious 7, looks set to continue down the more action-heavy route of the previous three instalments, with the first trailer featuring Vin Diesel and his crew parachuting their cars out of a cargo-plane. The highlight of the Superbowl trailer? Topping that stunt with Diesel jumping a car between two skyscrapers and throwing himself out, and saving himself from the plummet to earth below. This trailer was big, brash and just downright entertaining.

  1. Jurassic World

Easily the best of the Superbowl movie trailers, the latest for Jurassic World shows more action for the films new super-dinosaur, and also confirms the rumour from the first trailer about domesticated raptors by showing Owen (Chris Pratt) training with them. Are we set for a showdown between the raptors and the super-dinosaur? It’s almost a certainty, and if we are, that is one fight everyone wants to see.


Editor’s Note: The Top 5 column will continue on Thursday 26th February 2015 – don’t miss it!


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