My Favourite Film: Amber’s Pick

Editor’s Note: This article is from our ‘My Favourite Film’ feature, which is your change to get to know this year’s writers. What do you think of Amber’s pick?

Selecting just one film from the hundreds I have seen and entitling it as my ‘favourite’ has caused chaos in my brain. I have narrowed my search by choosing the film I have re-watched the most, and that has to be The Princess Bride (1987): a film I have loved since I first watched it, age ten.

The film is an enchanting and mystical tale told by the caring grandfather of a young boy who’s temporarily off school and bed-ridden. The grandfather begins to tell a fairy tale like no other, inclusive of the stereotypical tropes: true love, heroes and villains, magic and mystery; but, with an added dimension of activity such as: sword fighting, giants, pirates, poison, kidnapping, fire swamps and torture… ‘As you wish.’

This postmodern take on the fairy tale is endearing for children and adults, engaging the audience with excitement and comedy… it’s truly ‘inconceivable’. Although violent at times, the comic relief and story-book feel soften the impact of the torture and revenge plots – a perfect film for the whole family. The film follows the story of Buttercup and Wesley and the perils they face in order to be together, taking a twist on the typical damsel-in-distress plotline. Buttercup, believing her true love Wesley is dead, decides to marry another knowing she will never love again. However, as the film tells us, ‘death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for a while.’

The enriching storyline captivates the audience into a sense of nostalgia through the film’s timeless and everlasting feel; it is transcending and magical, completely unique and, as you may have noticed, unavoidably quotable.

Amber Murphy


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