Big Lens Film Episode I: A New Editor


Hello and welcome, film lovers to the Big Lens Film blog! As you may have noticed the blog hasn’t been updated in 3 weeks, my apologies. This is due to the fact that the Big Lens has a new editor. Me! I am now the sole editor of the Big Lens Film blog. My thanks go to all those who voted for me in the elections, I’m very surprised I was elected and I appreciate the support. My name is Emmanuel, I’m a first year English Literature and Film student and I’m obsessed with all things pop culture.

Now what’s next? Well, I have a lot of ideas on ways to improve the Big Lens blog, some of which I discussed in my manifesto. However, I’m not in a rush and aim to do the best I can as the new editor of the Big Lens. The blog may undergo some minor or major adjustments and changes in the next few weeks. I’m very proud to take on this role and am pleased with how the blog has been run so far. So, that’s it. Over the new few weeks and months, I will be brainstorming ideas on ways to improve and promote the Big Lens Film blog.

Once again, I very much appreciate all the support from everyone who voted for me. Thanks especially to my fellow committee members for all their help and support. To me it’s a huge responsibility but I’m very excited and honoured to have been chosen. May the films be with you.

Best, Emmanuel Omodeinde


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