The Party

There is a joy, perhaps only known to film critics, in an exceedingly taut screenplay. After torrents of films that bulge uncomfortably in certain parts of their running time, the delight of a film that ends just so is rather hard to put into words. As far as the structure of The Party goes, I […]

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‘Murder on the Orient Express’ — A Weapon, Gathered Suspects, and a Mysterious (Loco)Motive

Murder most classy is the order of the day in this most recent adaptation of Agatha Christie’s celebrated novel Murder on the Orient Express. It is the 1930s. America is ravaged by the effects of the Great Depression and war is brewing in Europe. But all that concerns the greatest detective in the world, Hercule […]

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Yorgos Lanthimos takes no prisoners. With his idiosyncratic flair for the jarringly awkward, Yorgos has made himself an enemy of convention. It is a bold claim to make, but no film of his so far has gone against the grain quite like his latest does. Yorgos is a filmmaker who needs no introduction, and yet […]

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