‘The Limehouse Golem’ — Gore, Glee, and (almost) Greatness in Victorian London

As The Limehouse Golem opens, we are greeted by a literal pulling back of the curtain, behind which our master of ceremonies invites us to “Begin, my friends, at the end,” dripping with gleeful dread. It’s a nice, if somewhat ham-fisted indicator of the story we are about to see: utterly theatrical, gloomy, and witty […]

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The Death of Stalin

I often find as of late the phrase ‘dark humour’ is thrown around a lot without much appreciation for its actual meaning. I think dark humour ought to make you doubt your humanity just a little bit for finding it even remotely funny. With that in mind, I can authoritatively say that dark humour doesn’t […]

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Thor: Ragnarok

This latest instalment in the Thor franchise presents a different kind of flavour to previous films. Where in the past these films appear to channel quite a serious tone, Ragnarok (2017) seems to cast this aside in favour of a more light-hearted nostalgia. I feel this is executed well and creates a very unique aesthetic […]

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