The best TV show of 2016 – Atlanta

Donald Glover had a very successful 2016 in what was the most terrifying, confusing year full of unexpected events and shocking celebrity deaths. He created a universally critically acclaimed television series, was cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming (though not as Spider-Man) and as Lando Calrissian in the untitled Han Solo Star Wars spin-off. He also held […]

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‘I, Daniel Blake’ review

What an un-embarrassable fraud Ken Loach is. For all the discussion surrounding “gaming the system” that this film has caused; the true mystery is how this flaccid protest statement has managed to become such a cause célèbre. The con artist at large is the purveyor of jejune, splenetic and needlessly adversarial portraits of the life […]

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‘Little Men’ review

Ira Sachs’ latest low-key film commands major attention. When the grandfather of school loner and aspiring artist Jake (Theo Taplitz) dies, his family inherit a now lucrative property that has been rented to Leonor (Paulina García) for many years for her business, cracks begin to open within societal bonds. Jake’s cash-strapped father, under pressure from […]

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‘The Tree of Life’ review

A bold and singular vision, director Terrence Malick’s film functions as a conversation between Jack O’Brian (J.O.B.) and God. A haggard Sean Penn, playing Jack, disillusioned in adulthood questions the foundations of his life after suffering personal loss. The Tree of Life serves as a religious response to the clinical atheism at the heart of […]

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ review – energetic exhilarating fun

Editor’s Note: This article contains minor spoilers. Captain America: Civil War is the third instalment in the series of films starring the titular superhero and the latest instalment in the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The term “MCU” should be familiar to nearly everyone now given the announcement of  “Phase Three”: the new era of superhero films […]

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